The "PST service" catalogue contains the majority of sizes of the oil seals necessary for repair of systems of the power steering for modern cars as well as for the cars, which are out of production.
Search by dimensions, by cross reference (ORPAV, Emmetec, NOK, ZF, Corteco, TRW, ASL, TRW, Saginaw references codes are supported). The catalog is summary and includes quality products of various global manufacturers.
        Oil seals, listed in this catalogue, are specially designed and used for sealing power steering units. These seals are made of special materials to be used in aggressive environments. The design of high pressure oil seals allows withstanding the drops of pressure, and the material they are made of is resistant to chemical, physical and temperature influence of the hydraulic fluid. The seal type which has to be used in each individual case is specified by the manufacturer of the hydraulic unit and depends on the speed and direction of the relative movement of the parts which are to be sealed. The type of hydraulic fluid, the range of operating temperature and operating pressure in the system are also taken into consideration.

Description of catalogue of oil seals for power steering from PST service s.r.o.

Types of oil seals (PST service s.r.o. classification)

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Despite the fact that regular motor seals and the O-rings suitable for steering systems look similar and even can be of the same sizes, they are not interchangeable!!! If the wrong type of seal is used it will inevitably cause the steering unit failure.

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