This catalogue of the repair kits for the power steering repair (steering rack  and steering gearbox) is created by the PST Service s.r.o Slovakia. The catalogue makes it easy to find a repair kit appropriate for the particular car model, just enter the model year and the steering unit version (that of the steering rack and reduction gear). Responding to the numerous requests of our customers we offer not only a full repair kit, but also a basic repair kit, which includes only oil seals and boots.

It is important that a high quality repair requires not only having all the seals replaced, but also all the worn and damaged parts, such as shaft bearing sleeves, moisture barrier PTFE rings (those of the piston and the spool valve), rubber sealing rings (O-rings) etc. In case the shaft is worn it should also be restored, the same as the worn steering unit body (the spool valve and the working cylinder).

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