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This tool allows repeated use of the piston of rack bar (MB W203/ W211/ W164/ W221 rack bar type). It also may be used for fixing of the loose pistons (very often this problem is presented in the steering gears VW Sharan/ Ford Galaxy/ Seat Alhambra (1st gen)).

You can see how does it work by pushing on the pictures.

For using of this tool, the press up to 10 ton needed.
It is very easy in use and appreciably saves time and money! With this tool you need only 2-5 minutes to fix your used (old) piston on the rack bar.

Special retaining ring needed (see video).

The price for the base kit of this tool is 132 Euro without VAT (158.40 euro with VAT)
the basic set contains inserts for fixing of pistons on the rack bar with a diameter of 26 mm and 30 mm (MB W203/ W211/ W164/ W221, Jeep Grand Cherokee WK/WH 2005-2012, etc.)

Also additional inserts are available for ordering for fixing of used pistons on Mazda2/ Ford Fusion racks, for VW Sharan/ Ford Galaxy/ Seat Alhambra (1st gen) etc.
Price for 1 additional insert is 26 Euro without VAT (31.20 Euro with VAT)


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